What is SnapKit?

What? This is SnapKit! an invention toy that uses a 20mm holepunch and some SnapBits to turn your unwanted cereal boxes into anything!

How? There are two ways you can get your hands on SnapKit; we'll send you the starter set and you can get snapping with a box of 50 SnapBits, or download the files here and 3D print them yourself.

Why? SnapKit exists to unlock your invention potential! Use it to turn your discarded cereal boxes (or anything else you can holepunch!) into anything you can imagine.

Who's it For? Anyone over 5 years old.

Snap a bit together and get that satisfying click!

Then hack, play and make anything you can Imagine!

SnapKit turns cereal boxes into precious resources to create and play with!

Use the provided templates to learn how use SnapKit and its different joint types.

Optimised to be 3D printed with only 2g of plastic in each means easy manufacture anywhere!

Want to go even further? Design your own connectors to make something truly unique!

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