Guide to 3D Print SnapKit!


By 3D Printing SnapKit for yourself you help your pocket and the planet! You don't have to pay for pre-made connectors, and can even watch them being made in your home if you have a 3D printer! On top of that, there is no shipping which is one of the biggest pollutants with conventional supply chains.

I am committed to keeping SnapKit open for everyone! This guide aims to make Printing SnapKit Connectors as easy as possible so more people can try it. (Disclaimer: this is not a beginners guide to 3D printing, there are some great ones on YouTube though!)

Test Print

Its recommended that you start by printing the test print and one of the red connectors. This has a range of tolerance fits on it. By testing the tightness of the fit, you can decide which dimension to print the blue connector with. This ensures you get the right fit regardless of your 3D Printer's specs.

The external Diameters of the test pieces are:

  1. 21.65mm

  2. 21.75mm

  3. 21.85mm

  4. 21.95mm

  5. 22.05mm

Making Additions

SnapKit is open source to allow you to make your own connectors: really need one specific shape, angle bracket or long piece: design and print it yourself! Here are some examples I've designed but you can make anything. Here are some suggestions to begin with:

  • a pen holder connector

  • a right angle bracket connector

  • a normal holepunch connector

Make sure you post what you make both on instagram at the hashtag #SnapKit and on thingiverse so others can make it too!


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