Instructions to Use SnapKit!

Making Your First connection

What You'll Need

To use SnapKit you will need:

  • Connectors

  • A Holepunch

  • Some recycling or other card to connect together.

To get the best experience it is recommended that you also have:

  • A Template (available here to print out)

  • A Glue Stick

  • A Mini-press (to make holepunching easier)

What to do

Choose your Template and print it out

Stick your template to your recycling. Cut out shapes following the solid black lines but leaving the dotted ones.

Holepunch all the circles on the template. Use the arrows to line up the middle of the circle.

Fold the pieces along the dotted lines and assemble using the connectors. Try rolling up paper into tubes to add strength. Use the provided images to get as close to the model as possible!

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